Ralph Mann & Sons would like to install the proper equipment for your home or business. An air conditioning installation can start with a brand new system or a replacement of an older system.

Air Conditioning Installation Process

  1. Visit to your house
  2. Load Calculations
  3. Select Equipment
  4. Layout
  5. Develop a complete design of the system
  6. Discuss efficiency

 Questions we will ask you during the Air Conditioning Home Consultation

 How do you plan to use the cooling system?

Will you use it continuously throughout the season or only on the hottest days? This is an important factor in arriving at the proper size system for your personal comfort.

Does your home have ductwork already?

If it does, we’ll confirm the size is adequate for your home. If you don’t, we will design a highly efficient air duct system that will be installed along with your new cooling system.

Are you interested in rebates or tax rebates?

There are Federal and State programs which pertain to particular systems we provide.  Ralph Mann and Sons is very familiar with the current incentives on the market. We can suggest which programs would be beneficial to you or your company.

How does central air conditioning work?

Converting Heat into Cool Air

A central air conditioning system works much like your refrigerator but on a larger scale. Just like your refrigerator where the heat is pulled from the food storage space, a system featuring a compressor and refrigerant pulls the heat from an area, your home, leaving the area cool and dry. The refrigerant changes back and forth between a liquid and a gas. When it changes from liquid to gas, it absorbs heat, and then releases heat as it changes back to liquid.

These systems are designed to keep your home cool and dry on even the most hot and humid August afternoon.

Air conditioning installation - HVAC installation

Most central air conditioning systems use the same air distribution system, or ductwork, as your furnace does in the winter.  The warm, humid air from your home is passed through a purification filter and then over the evaporator coil where the refrigerant grabs the warm air and pulls it out of your home.  The condenser coil releases the warm air into the outside air, and then returns the refrigerant to your home to repeat the process.  The result of this process is clean, dry, and cool conditions in your home.