You have trusted us for your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs. Now try us for all your electric needs. You’ll get the same friendly expert service you’d expect.



Electrical Problems

If you are having electrical issues in your home or business such as fuses blowing or circuit breakers tripping, you should probably have an electrician out to take a look at your system and remediate the issue.  When electrical tripping happens, this is an indication that there are other issues which need to be looked at.  Call Ralph Mann & Sons as soon as possible to send out a licensed and insured electrician.



Subpanel Installation

If you are adding new items to you home such as a hot tub, you may need to have a subpanel installed.  Our electricians will work with you, the homeowner, to review what circuits should be moved to the subpanel. If you would like the subpanel configured for a generator, we can also help with this at the same time.



New Construction, Remodeling, Additions

In almost any construction, whether is is new, a remodel, or an addition, a qualified and experienced electrician is needed to run wires properly and hook everything up so that the home is safe and up to code.  Our electricians at Ralph Mann & Sons are able to help you plan your electrical system and implement the plans safely and efficiently.



Service Upgrades of Electrical Panel

Today’s home needs more amps to run such things as air conditioners, HD televisions, and new technology.  If you have an older home, you may need an electrical service upgrade of your panel.  Our electricians are experts at upgrading your home’s electrical backbone so that you may enjoy the amenities of today.



Wire Ceiling/Paddle Fans

Ceiling fans can add comfort and beauty to a room.  Modern ceiling fans may come with lighting as well, and it is nice to operate the light and fan from a switch on the wall. For rooms with cathedral or very high ceilings, it may be impossible to operate the fan without a wall switch.  Our electricians can install your new paddle fan in your room, with the convenience of a wall switch.



Bathroom Exhaust Fans – Installation or Replacement

Without a bathroom exhaust fan, a bathroom can become damp and eventually moldy.  The installation of an exhaust fan is functional and can also add light to the room.  Frequently, because the fan is a moving part, the fan itself needs to be replaced with a new exhaust fan which is quieter.  These fans should be installed or replaced by a licensed electrician.



Kitchen Hood (Range) Installer and Kitchen Hood Ductwork Installer

Remodeling a kitchen will generally include installing a hood or range over your stovetop to adhere to building codes and to provide a vented kitchen.  There are various types of kitchen hoods and the electricians at Ralph Mann & Sons are qualified to install not only the range hood but the ductwork needed to properly vent kitchen fumes outside safely.  We will work with your architect or kitchen designer if necessary to install the kitchen hood and ductwork properly.  Building codes are followed.



Electric Heat Installer, Baseboard Heat Installer, and Radiant Heat Installer

Our licensed and professional electricians are adept at installing heat in a home.  We will work with your contractor to install the heat at the proper time and in the proper way.  Wiring your electric or radiant heat can be complicated, and we are here to help.



Standby Generators, Complete Installations – Kohler Factory Authorized Dealer

We have seen the need for whole home generators in recent years.  Ralph Mann & Sons is a factory authorized dealer of Kohler Generators.  These generators are installed in your home by our electricians and we will work with you to determine which circuits should be live on the generator if it is not an entire home generator.  Our installers are careful to follow building codes and install a backup generator system that will keep your family comfortable in story times.  In addition to installers of whole home generator systems, Ralph Mann & Sons has a maintenance program to ensure that your generator will work should the need arise. We will come to your home twice a year to inspect and test your system. Call us today to find out more about this generator maintenance program.



Smart Home Wiring

Ralph Mann & Sons can wire your home for the 21st century. Smart home devices such as programmable smart thermostats, light bulbs which turn on an off from a remote device or automatically, doors which can be locked or unlocked from a remote location, carbon monoxide detectors which send the user a message on their tablet or phone, security cameras which can be viewed to see what is happening at your home or office and more can be installed by our electricians.  Appliances, lighting, heating, TVs, computers, and air conditioning systems are all examples of items which can be controlled by a remote device in a smart home.  Contact us today to discuss your exciting options!