Indoor air quality is a very important part our lives, it can affect our health, mood, and energy level.
Fortunately, today we have means to improve the environment we spend over half our lives in. Indoor air pollutants including mold, dust, bacteria, viruses, germs, off gases from furniture, carpeting, paint and endless other things as well as vapors from cleaning products, aerosols, etc
can linger in our homes for days, especially in newer homes where tightness of the construction minimizes fresh air intake.

A few of the many products we recommend and install are:

  • Electronic air cleaners
  • HEPA air filtation
  • Ultra-violet purifiers
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators

Did you know that the humidity level in your home can affect your health, comfort and energy bills? Low humidity levels in your home can dry your skin and sinus passages leaving them raw and susceptible to cracking which can provide germs and other microorganisms easy access to your body.

Also, in a dry environment, your body perspires more rapidly carrying heat energy with it leaving you feeling chilly and when that happens what do you do? turn the thermostat up higher to compensate.

Some of the products we recommend are:

Whole house humidifiers including water panel bypass, fan powered, and electronic.

High humidity levels can create ideal breeding conditions for mold and other many other organic pollutants as well as cause condensation that can rot the wood in your home as well as attract pests that can be destructive.
High humidity conditions can be regulated through the use of ventilation or dehumidification, central air conditioning is the most commonly used method.

Today there are many systems and options available to meet the needs of everyone and with financing available there is no need to wait so call today and let one of the professionals at Ralph Mann & Sons, Inc. recommend a product that is right for you.