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Owning a home is part of the American Dream, but that dream can easily turn into a nightmare when your water heater bursts or your pipes freeze in the dead of winter.  Even a minor inconvenience such as a dripping faucet or a bathtub that won’t drain can place a dark cloud over the happiness of homeownership!

Don’t fret!  Let our skilled, licensed plumbers come to your rescue.  From major jobs like bathroom and kitchen remodels, to small jobs like a leaky outside faucet, we can solve the problem.  Our plumbers are neat, efficient, and clean-up after themselves.  Trained and competent in all the new techniques and products, they can offer recommendations to upgrade your current fixtures to more energy efficient and options that will save you money.


Clogged Sink and Clogged Toilet Repair

Most of us at one time or another experiences a clogged sink or toilet. While most clogs can be remedied by the homeowner or maintenance department, there are situations where a professional plumber is brought in to fix a larger problem.  Not only will Ralph Mann & Sons fix your clogged sink or clogged toilet, but we will investigate the larger issue as to why this clog happened and offer solutions to avoid a clogging in the future.   Just call 800-995-6266 for assistance.



Repair of Leaking Copper Pipes

Copper pipes can leak or get pinholes from water with a low PH or acidic water.  Over time this acid can erode copper piping and small holes can develop, which leak water.  Ralph Mann & Sons will repair your copper pipes in the most efficient way. We may cut out a section of the copper tubing and solder a new section, or we may use ProPress fittings to repair your plumbing leak.



AquaPEX Plumbing System Installation

AquaPEX (or PEX Plumbing Systems) are popular plumbing systems for various reasons.  Ralph Mann & Sons can install a PEX system in your commercial or residential building.  PEX is durable and flexible, will not pit, scale or corrode, and requires less fittings.



Repair and Replace Broken Water Heater

Our plumbers have extensive experience repairing and replacing broken water heaters.  Whether your water heater is an oil water heater, gas water heater, electric water heater, has a conventional tank, is a tankless water heater, or is a hybrid (heat pump style) water heater, Ralph Mann & Sons can help.  We will assess the water heater and determine whether it is more cost effective to replace or repair your water heater. We will also give you recommendations on the water heaters available on the market and discuss which model would be right for your home or business.   Many condominium complexes require that the water heater be replaced every 10 years to avoid ruptures and issues which would affect others in the complex.  Instead of waiting until there is a problem, call our plumbers to come our for an inspection and service if needed.



Replace Shower Valves, Fixtures and Faucets

Do you have a shower valve which needs replacing but it’s a tricky job?  Our licensed plumbers can replace your shower valve so you are back in business.  In addition to shower valves, we can also replace faucets in your bathroom or kitchen, outdoor faucets and other plumbing fixtures.  Do you have a toilet which is older and using too much water or not flushing well?  We can replace your toilet with a state-of-the-art low water toilet.



Sump Pump Installation and Repair

Frequently in New England, homes benefit from a sump pump so that the basement or lower floor does not flood.  Our plumbers install all sizes of sump pumps to keep areas dry.  If you have a sump pump, we will come and inspect your system to verify it is working properly and make recommendations if needed so that your home continues to stay dry.



Garbage Disposal Installer and Repair

If you have thought of installing a garbage disposal in your home sink, our plumbers will install the disposal system correctly.  Garbage disposal systems can become clogged and over time show wear and tear.  We can repair your system and while at your home, we will let you know our professional opinion on how your issues happened and what would be the recommended solution to avoid problems in the future.



Low Water Pressure Remediation and High Water Pressure Remediation

Depending on your water source, elevation, and other factors, you may experience low or high water pressure in your home or business.  Ralph Mann & Sons will install booster pumps to increase water pressure or pressure reducing valves to decrease pressure until the optimal water pressure is obtained.  Having the correct water pressure is important to avoid plumbing problems and issues in the future.  Ralph Mann & Sons will also test your water pressure, especially if you are purchasing a new home or commercial property.



Fix Hot Water Problems

Did you know that the coils on many of the new tankless systems need to be maintained on a regular basis, cleaning the coils of minerals and lyme?  If you have hot water for a short period of time and then it runs out, you may need to have the coils cleaned.  Ralph Mann & Sons plumbers will clean your tankless water coils before you experience a lack of hot water.  Call us for an inspection and cleaning of your tankless hot water system today.



Natural Gas and LP (Liquid Propane) Gas piping Hookup and Installation


Outdoor Gas Grills and Outdoor Kitchens

Are you tired of changing the small LP tank on your outdoor gas grill?  Are you installing an outdoor kitchen with a new grill?  Ralph Mann & Sons plumbers will hook up your patio or deck grill to your gas system so that you have continuous gas for grilling your favorite foods outside.


Outdoor Fireplace Installation

Outdoor fireplaces extends your patio or pool season into the fall, or opens up the outdoors earlier in the spring as they provide warmth and a place to gather.  Many outdoor fireplaces can be hooked up to your natural gas or liquid propane source for ease of use, minimal space used, and continuous flame.  Ralph Mann & Sons will hook up your outdoor fireplace to your gas source for your convenience.


Propane and Natural Gas Indoor Fireplace Installation, Repair, Venting, and Gas Log Sets

Installing a gas fireplace in your home can provide an additional source of heat as well as a beautiful flame to admire.  We are installers of indoor gas fireplaces, as well as completing repairs on units new or older.  Every few years, your gas fireplace should be cleaned and the gas log sets either replaced or cleaned.  If you would like a new gas log set, our plumbers can help you by installing the new gas log set as well.  We also help with venting issues to provide and safe gas fireplace for your family or business.



Gas Leak Detection and Repair

If you suspect that you have a gas leak, call your gas company immediately.  Once the gas company comes out and assesses the situation, Ralph Mann & Sons will complete the repair professionally and safely, ensuring the safety of those in the building or home.



Drain Line (Sewer or Septic Line) Replacement

Your drain line may need to be replaced and Ralph Mann & Sons will take care of this properly.  Sewer and septic line replacement, if not completely correctly, can cause issues with clogging, leaking, and backing up in the future.  If your septic or sewer line is corroded, has been overgrown with tree roots, or is restricted so that water is not flowing properly,  schedule an appointment with us to determine the best action to take so that you do not have a health issue on your hands.



Repair of Frozen Pipes

Unfortunately in New England, pipes in our homes can freeze from time to time and burst, causing flooding and leaking water in our home, school, or business.  Our plumbers respond quickly to frozen pipes, fixing the pipes and installing any insulation or making other modifications to minimize future frozen pipes.  If there is an area of concern in your home, contact us today to see if there types of insulation we can install or other preventative measures we can take to avoid burst frozen pipes in the future.



Installation of New Dishwasher, Washer, Ice Maker

Our licensed and insured plumbers can install your new dishwasher, washer or ice maker in your home or business!



Ejector Pump Installation and Repair

Ejector pumps are used for toilets, showers, sinks and washers any place where the main drain in the house is higher than the fixture or appliance drain.  Our experienced plumbers can repair an ejector pump or install a new one if you are adding a bathroom or other space to your home.



And More!

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