Dry Air Can Wreak Havoc on your Health & Home

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Don’t let your guard down! Cold season is still in full swing and the combination of winter’s dry air, a turned-up thermostat and closed windows can wreak havoc on both your respiratory system and your home.
When the air is too dry, our sinuses don’t function properly and many ENT experts suggest that adding humidity to the air is the best way to reduce susceptibility to dry sinuses, cold viruses and infection.
So, if you’ve suffered through too many colds, it might be time to invest in a humidifier. A humidifier maintains moisture in the air and provides many health benefits:
  • keeps your nasal passages lubricated
  • speeds up the healing process
  • prevents nosebleeds that are often the result of dryness
  • eliminates a dry throat and snoring
  • eases dry winter skin and chapped lips

In addition to these advantages, increasing humidity in your home can save you money on your heating bills. When the humidity level increases, our bodies are comfortable at lower temperatures because, as our bodies perspire, heat is carried away to cool us. However, the higher the humidity level, the harder it is for the perspiration to evaporate; meaning, we will retain more body heat and therefore feel warmer.

Your house appreciates humidity as well. Floors, woodwork, furniture, pianos, computers and many other furnishings and appliances work better and last longer with a continuous supply of humidity. Wood cracks, joints open, pianos go out of tune, electronics attract dust (not to mention those painful static shocks!) and all of this can be eliminated with a simple humidification system.
With a quick visit, one of Ralph Mann & Sons’ associates can easily prescribe a solution for your dry home and get you on the road to comfort in no time!
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