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Energy Star

Visit EnergizeCT for more information about Energy Star Rebates and promotions!


Fuel Type: Natural Gas Only
Qualification Criteria: 
ENERGY STAR certified 94% AFUE or greater and AHRI Rated  with boiler reset control
Incentive Amount*: $750 instant discount at point‐of‐sale to licensed  contractor at participating equipment distributor locations only

Fuel Type: Natural Gas Only
Qualification Criteria: ENERGY STAR certified 95% AFUE or greater and AHRI Rated  with ECM air handler motor
Incentive Amount*: $650 instant discount at point‐of‐sale to licensed  contractor at participating equipment distributor locations only

Fuel Type: Electric
Qualification Criteria:ENERGY STAR certified Single Indoor Unit: 20 SEER, 12.5  EER, 10 HSPF and AHRI Rated
Incentive Amount*: A $300 instant discount at point‐of‐sale to licensed contractors at participating equipment distributor locations only. Up to 2 matched systems per home.

Fuel Type: Electric
Qualification Criteria: ENERGY STAR certified Multi‐Indoor Unit: 18 SEER, 12.5 EER,  9 HSPF and AHRI Rated
Incentive Amount*:A $500 instant discount at point‐of‐sale to licensed  contractors at participating equipment distributor  locations only. Up to 2 matched systems per home.

Fuel Type: Electric
Qualification Criteria: ENERGY STAR certified Multi‐Indoor Unit: 18 SEER, 12.5 EER,  9 HSPF and AHRI Rated
Incentive Amount*: $500 per ton up to 3 tons (mail‐in rebate) 

Fuel Type: Electric
Qualification Criteria: 16 SEER, 12.5 EER, 10 HSPF ENERGY STAR and AHRI certified
Incentive Amount*: $500 per system (mail‐in rebate) 

Fuel Type: Electric
Qualification Criteria: 16 SEER and 12.5 EER ENERGY STAR and AHRI certified
Incentive Amount*: $200 per system (mail‐in rebate)

Fuel Type: All Fuels
Qualification Criteria: Approved models only: some Grundfos Alpha models, B&G,  some Wilo models, etc. Please see the Qualified Products  List (QPL) for a full listing of approved models
Incentive Amount*: $35 instant discount at point‐of‐sale to licensed  contractor at participating equipment distributor locations only

Fuel Type: Natural Gas Only
Qualification Criteria: Eligible for existing natural gas boilers only. Qualified  models include Tekmar, Beckett, Honeywell, etc.
Incentive Amount*: $200 for existing systems only AND customer must  have Home Energy Solutions assessment first 

Fuel Type: Electric
Qualification Criteria: ENERGY STAR certified with Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) of 3.0 or greater and ≤ 55 gallons of storage capacity
Incentive Amount*: $750 instant discount at participating distributors  Or   $400 instant discount at participating retailers  PLUS an additional $350 mail‐in rebate

Fuel Type: Natural Gas Only
Qualification Criteria: ENERGY STAR certified with Thermal Efficiency (TE) of 0.95  or greater 
Incentive Amount*: $300 instant discount at participating equipment distributors

Fuel Type: Natural Gas Only
Qualification Criteria: ENERGY STAR certified with 0.92 Uniform Energy Factor  (UEF) or greater
Incentive Amount*: $300 instant discount at participating equipment distributors

Fuel Type: Electric / Natural Gas
Qualification Criteria: ENERGY STAR certified Wi‐Fi enabled smart thermostat  bundled with the purchase/rebate of a program qualified Boiler, Furnace, or Ductless Heat Pump. 
Incentive Amount*: $100 instant discount at participating distributors.  Up to two (2) rebates per eligible customer. 

¹ Incentives are subject to change at any time. Equipment installations in the town of Norwich are not eligible for any instant discount rebates. Heat Pump Water Heater, ECM Boiler Circulator Pump, and Ductless Heat Pump installations in the town of Groton, Bozrah and Wallingford are not eligible for instant discounts. Visit EnergizeCT/NaturalGasHeating
EnergizeCT/NaturalGasHeating for more information and a listing of participating equipment distributors.
² An ADDITIONAL $700 mail-in rebate is available for existing electric resistance heat customers that have a Home Energy Solutions assessment prior to install. Call(877)‐WISE-USE to schedule the assessment. Rebate form provided by HES Technician.  ³ Rebate limited to $100 per ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat and cannot exceed the purchase price if less than $100. Up to two (2) rebates per eligible customer.

* Visit EnergizeCT/hpwh or EnergizeCT/gaswaterheatingfor more information and a listing of participating equipment distributors. Incentives subject to change at any time.

Visit www.soconngas.com and click on "convert to gas" and then "residential incentives" for more information. Rebate form provided by Gas Conversion Sales Representative.

All eligible residential equipment must be listed on the QPL in order to receive an instant discount. The most recent listing can be found online at https://efi.secure.force.com/client/LandingCTMIDV1 To request additional products be added to the listing, they must be ENERGY STAR certified on their website, and you must submit an AHRI certificate and a completed "Add On Submission" template document for each model to elizabeth.a.king@lmco.co> for consideration.

Upstream instant discounts available at participating equipment distributors for ductless heat pumps and cooling systems, gas water heaters, and gas space heating equipment. For more information, contact your distributor or for United Illuminating, Southern Connecticut Gas and Connecticut Gas customers, call Jessica Abrera at (203)‐499‐3114 or by email at jessica.abrera@uinet.com Eversource customers may contact Michael Doty at (860) 655-6230 or by email at michael.doty@eversource.com.

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